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401.I’m calling from a public phone. 我打的是公用电话。
402.Contact me by telephone. 电话联系。
403.I will be in between six and eight. 我6点至8点都在。
404.I will be here all night. 我整晚都会在这里。
405.All right, I will be waiting for you . 好的,我会等候你的。
406.Hello, is this the home of Mr. Chen?你好,这是陈先生家吗?
407.Hello. I wish to speak to Mr.Chen? 您好,我想和陈先生讲话。
408.Will you please repeat it? 请重复一下好吗?
409.He has left already. 他已经离开了。
410.He is attending a conference now. 他正在出席会议。
411.Hello, This is operator. 喂!我是接线员。
412.I’ll call you up later. 我稍后会打电话给你。
413.May I talk to Mr. McCoy? 我要和麦考伊先生讲话好吗?
414.May I use the telephone? 我可以用一下电话吗?
415.This is Shen calling. 我姓沈。
416.Is that Mr.Shen? 是沈先生吗?
417.Yes, this is Shen speaking. 是的,我姓沈。
418.Whom do you want to talk to? 你想和谁讲话?
419.I’d like to speak to Mr. Jack. 我想和杰克现象说话。
420.I’ll connect you with his office. 我会打电话到他的公司和你联络。
421.Sorry kept you waiting so long. You are on . 抱歉让你久等了,接通了。
422.The line is busy. 占线。
423.No answer. 没有人接电话。
424.He is on the phone. 他正在通话。
425.This telephone line is interrupted. 电话不通。
426.The wire has got crossed. 电话串线了。
427.Who is speaking? 请问是谁打来的?
428.I’m afraid you have the wrong number. 恐怕你打错号码了。
429.I’ll calling 265-5822. 打265-5822。
430.Please ring off. 请挂电话。
431.I’ll call you back. 我将回电话给你。
432.Let me talk to her over the phone. 让我和她在电话里谈谈。
433.Would you call Miss Shen to the telephone? 请你叫沈小姐来接电话好吗?
434.Sorry, She is out. Shall I take a message? 对不起,她出去了。我可以帮你留言吗?
435.I’m going to put on to her. 我会请她回电话。
436.The voice is not distinct. 声音不清楚。
437.Give me a ring at my office. 打电话到我办公室。
438.I’d like to make an overseas call to Taibei, Taiwan by collect call. 我要打对方付费的电话到台湾的台北。
439.Can I fix an overseas call to London by person-to-person call? 我要打到伦敦的叫人电话好吗?
440.What is your part’s name? 对方的姓名是什么?
441.How do you spell your last name? 你的姓是怎样拼写的?
442.Pound Sterling please. 请换成英镑吧。
443.Well, er, in your case, I see no reason why not. What’s your proposition? 这个,呃,我看可以。您想透支多少?
444.Is there any interest on this money? 这笔透支要利息吗?
445.Yes, sir. Your account was overdrawn 15 dollars on the 12th of this month. 是的,先生。本月12日这一天您的帐户上透支了15美元。
446.According to the regulations, sir, you’ll have to reimburse the bank for the amount paid. 根据规定,先生,您应该补偿银行付的那笔款了。
447.I want to buy some traveler’s checks. 我想买些旅行支票。
448.I have been told you have just changed the interest rate on savings accounts. Is that true? 听说你们储蓄率刚调过,是真的吗?
449.Have you got your chequebook with you? 您支票本带来了没有?
450.The amount you want to transfer. 您要转帐的金额。
451.The cheque will be cleared in about three days. 大概在3天后,支票就可以兑现了。
452.I see. I’ll go and check. 噢,原来是这样,那我再去查查看。
453.Hello, may I change some money with my Master card? 我能否用万事达卡来兑换些钱吗?
454.Yes, you can. Would you please show me your card? 可以,让我看看您的卡。
455.Here are you Chinese Yuan for $ 1000. And your passport and exchange memo.
456.How much would you like to remit? 您想汇多少钱?
457.I suppose you want to send U.S. Dollars. 我想您是汇美元吧?
458.May I ask the reason for your remittance? 可以请问汇款的原因吗?
459.Do you want to remit the money by airmail or by cable, sir? 您想要航空信还是电汇,先生?
460.So you can take M/T, and they will take a longer time to reach New York Bank.
461.Would you care to take a seat while I make out a receipt? 请坐一会儿好吗?我给您开个收据。
462.I’ll take M/T. 那我就用信汇吧。
463.For £300 to London, the commission is 3, please. 汇款300英镑到伦敦,费用为3英镑。
464.Excuse me, but do you handle remittance checks here? 打扰了,你们办理汇款支票吗?
465.To whom is the check payable, madam? 请问支票受款人是谁,夫人?
466.Yes, I have got the license from the Bank of China. Here you are. 是的,我已得到中国银行的许可。请过目。
467.Would you please tell me your phone number so that we’ll ring you up as soon as the remittance arrives? 您能否把电话号码告诉我,以便汇款一到就给您打电话?
468.Yes, your money has arrived. 噢,您的汇款已经到了。
469.Very well, sir. Please fill out this remittance slip. 好的,先生。请填写这张汇款通知书。
470.How much do you charge for sending a cable transfer to London? 发一张到伦敦的电汇,要收费多少?
471.How much do you want to change? 您想兑换多少?
472.Would you please tell me the exchange rate for pound sterling into RMB?
473.Here you are, please check. 给你,请查一下。
474.I want to change some British sterling into Renminbi. 我想把一些英镑换成人民币。
475.Are you going to use cash or traveler’s cheques? 您是用现钞换呢,还是用旅行支票换?
476.So five hundred dollars will be 4, 350 RMB Yuan. 500美元可兑换人民币4350元。
477.But you have to pay 5% commission on this money exchange. 但兑换这笔外币,您得另外付5%的手续费。
478.I beg your pardon. 请原谅。
479.We would like to ask you to come here for an interview. 我们想约你来参加面试。
480.Perhaps you’ve heard our product’s name. Would you like to know more about it?
481.Let me tell you about our product. 关于产品一事让我向你说明。
482.This is our most recently developed product. 这是我们最近开发的产品。
483.We’d like to recommend our new home health monitor. 我们想推荐我们新的家庭健康监测器。
484.That sounds like the product we had in mind. 那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。
485.I’m sure you’ll be pleased with this product. 我敢保证你会喜欢这种产品的。
486.I’m really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted. 我确信这种产品有各种你所要的款式。
487.I strongly recommend this product. 我强力推荐这种产品。
488.If I were you, I’d choose this product. 如果我是你,我就选择这种产品。
489.We’ve already had a big demand for this product. 这种产品我们已有很大的需要求量。
490.This product is doing very well in foreign countries. 这种产品在国外很畅销。
491.Our product is competitive in the international market. 我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力。
492.Let’s move on to what makes our product sell so well. 让我来说明是什么原因使我们的产品销售得那么好。
493.Good. That’s just what we want to hear. 很好,那正是我们想要听的。
494.The distinction of our product is its lightweight. 我们产品的特点就是它很轻。
495.Our product is lower priced than the competition. 我们产品价格低廉,具有竞争力。
496.Our service has been very well-received by our customers so far. 到目前为止,顾客对我们的服务质量评价甚高。
497.One of the real pluses of this product is that it is of very high quality and of compact size. 这种产品的真正优点之一就是高质量和小体积。
498.Could we see the specifications for the X200? 我们可以看一下X200型的详细规格吗?
499.Certainly. And we also have test results that we’re sure you’d be interested to see. 当然,同时我们也有测试结果,我们相信你们会有兴趣看的。
500.How about feed-back from your retailers and consumers? 你们的零售商和消费者的反映怎样?


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