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501.We have that right here in this report. 在这份报告书内就有。 
502.Could you tell me some more about your market analysis? 请你多告诉我一些你们的市场分析好吗?
503.Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 40 and 60.
504.How soon can you have your product ready? 你们多久才可以把产品准备好呢?
505.We certainly expect our product to be available by October 1. 我们的产品在可在10月1日前准备好。
506.You haven’t sold your product in our country so far, have you?
507.We’ve only sold our product at trade fairs, not in an on-going sales campaign.
508.You’ve already quoted a price of $ 800 per 1,000. Is there a discount for larger orders?
509.Yes, there is. We can give a 5% discount for orders over 5,000 units.
510.We can offer a discount in progressive stages according to the size of the order.
511.We really can’t discount the price more than six percent. 我们真的无法提供超过6%的折扣。
512.A discount of six percent is all that I’m authorized to offer you. 6%的折扣是我权限内所能给你的。
513.What sort of guarantee do you offer on your product? 你们提供什么样的产品保证呢?
514.A standard one. Replacement during the first year if all rules for proper use have been followed. 有一个原则,如果在一年内符合各种使用规定,就可更换。
515.We offer a life-time guarantee. 我们提供永久保证。
516.We have an extended warranty available at extra cost. 对于额外价钱我们有较长的保证期限。
517.Our guarantee covers maintenance for both parts and labor. 我们的保证是包括更换零件和免费保养。
518.Tell us about your post-purchase servicing. 告诉我们有关你们售后服务的情况。
519.We use service centers at major stores. They ship goods back to our national service center for repairs. 我们采用大店服务中心,他们可把产品运送到我们的国内服务中心维修。
520.We have a toll-free number for customers to call. 我们对顾客提供免费服务电话。
521.We exchange products under almost all circumstances. 在各种情形下我们都可更换产品。
522.Could you give us detailed descriptions of the capabilities of your product?
523.How long could the buyer expect your product to last? 购买者期望你们产品的使用期是多久呢?
524.What’s been the consumer reaction to your product? 消费者对你们的产品有过什么反映?
525.Have you marketed your product yet? 你们的产品尚未推出市场吗?
526.We’re afraid that your product’s quality won’t satisfy Chinese customers. 恐怕你们的产品质量无法使中国顾客满意。 
527.We feel product quality is high indeed. 我们认为产品的质量的确很高。
528.We think your X200 meets our requirements. 我们认为贵方X200型符合我们的要求。
529.I’m afraid that the item isn’t what we’re looking for. 我恐怕这种产品不是我们所要找的。
530.I think your industrial robots are the best in the field. 我认为你们的工业机器人在这领域是最好的。
531.In my opinion, the product must be priced under $ 300. 就我的意见来说,产品价格必须订在300美元以下。
532.We feel your product is too specialized for mass marketing. 我们认为你们的产品对广大市场而言太专业化了。
533.That brings us to the question of price. What do you have in mind? 那使我们想起价钱问题,你心目中的价钱是多少?
534.We think $ 87,000 per unit with a five percent discount for orders over 100. 我们减少到每台8.7万美元,订购超过100台给予5%的折扣。
535.Your unit price seems fair enough, but we’re hoping for a higher discount rate. 单价似乎合理,但我们希望给予更高的折扣率。
536.Seven percent would be possible for orders for, say, 500 or more. 订购500台或500台以上都不得有可能给予7%的折扣。
537.What’s the best price you’re prepared to offer for your product? 你们的产品最优惠的价格是多少呢?
538.It depends on the quantity ordered. 这要根据所订的数量而定。
539.What do you think will be a fair price for your product? 你认为你们产品的价格公平吗?
540.How much do you charge per unit? 你们每件要价多少呢?
541.What’s your wholesale price on this item? 这种产品你们的批发价是多少呢?
542.How much of a volume discount are you prepared to offer? 总折扣你们准备提供多少?
543.That seems quite soon considering the nature of the product and shipping time. 考虑到产品的性质和运输时间那看来太快了。
544.Other buyers are satisfied with it, but we could delay it if you could pay 40 percent up front. 其他买主对这货物很满意,但如果你能先付40%货款,我们可以延迟交运。
545.Delivery costs will have to be borne by the manufacturer, I’m afraid. 运费恐怕要由制造厂商来承担。
546.If you can guarantee on-time delivery with a penalty for late delivery, we can accept your sales price. 如果你能保证用惩罚延误发货方式准时发货,你的销售价我们可以接受。
547.Whose responsibility are the shipment charges? 运费由谁来负责呢?
548.Who assumes shipment cost? 谁负担运费呢?
549.That would be the responsibility of the buyer. We are prepared, however, to provide all the document.tion costs.
550.We would also want you to cover insurance and the cost of transporting the goods to the port. 我们也要贵方负责保险以及把货物运到港口的费用。
551.In that case, we might need to reopen the question of prices. 如果是那样,我们也许需要重新讨论价格。 
552.When could we typically expect delivery? 我们希望常规的发货时间是什么时候呢?
553.What sort of guarantees are there against late delivery? 惩罚延迟发货有什么保证呢?
554.Please show us the shipping costs for several possible carries. 请告诉我们几种可能的运输方式的价格。
555.We’ll have to check these rates against those charged by other suppliers.
556.Shall we start the meeting now? 我们现在开始开会好吗?
557.Thank you for attending today’s meeting. 谢谢你出席今天的会议。
558.The first thing on the agenda is the drop in sales. 在议程上第一件事就是销售额下降了。
559.The purpose of this meeting is to discuss possible solutions for the pending issues.
560.Let’s look at the agenda and talk the first item. 让我们看一下议程讨论第一项。
561.Mr. Smith, would you like to start things off? 史密斯先生,你要开始做事了吗? 
562.We’ve gone over quite a lot. Shall we take a break? 我们已进行很久了,让我们休息一下好吗?
563.I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d like a break. 我不知道你们是否要休息,但我想休息片刻。
564.Let’s stop here and continue in about 10 minutes. 我们暂停一下,10分钟后继续。
565.Well, I think it’s time we get back to business. 哦,我认为我们该回到正题上了。
566.Could all of you take your seats? We need to continue our meeting. 请你们各位就坐好吗?我们要继续开会了。
567.That’s all for today. 今天就到这儿了。
568.Let’s call it a day. 让我们今天就到此为止吧。
569.How about on Tuesday afternoon of next week? Is that okay with everyone?
570.I’m sorry. I can’t make it on Tuesday. 对不起,星期二我无法参加。 
571.And so, I’d like to proceed to the next stage. 所以,我要进行下一阶段了。 
572.Excuse me, I’d like to ask you a question. 对不起,我可以问个问题吗?
573.Excuse me, but may I ask a question? 对不起,我可以问个问题吗?
574.Forgive me for interrupting, but I have a question. 对不起我插个嘴,我有一个问题。
575.Before you go on, I have a question. 在你接着干之前,我有一个问题。
576.I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’d like you to explain that a little more.
577.Sure, what did you want to know? 真的,你想知道什么呢?
578.Certainly. Ask whatever you like. 当然,你什么都可以问。
579.Do we really have the means to actually pull this off? 我们确实有办法把这事办成吗?
580.I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand your question. Could you please restate it?
581.Would you please clarify your question? 请你把你的问题说清楚好吗? 
582.I didn’t catch that, Could you go over that again? 我没有听清楚,请你再说明一下好吗?
583.I’m sorry. I don’t get what you’re driving at. 抱歉,我不明白你的意思。
584.Could you hold your questions until I’ve finished? 请你把你的问题留到我把事情做完再问好吗?
585.I’d appreciate it if you’d wait until be end for questions. 如果你等我做完再询问我会感激你的。
586.There’ll be time for questions at the end. 最后会有时间发问的。
587.How will we know whether it can have a positive effect on the company?
588.That’s a tough question to answer. 那是一个很难回答的问题。 
589.How much will all this cost? 一共要花多少钱呢?
590.I will talk more about that in a moment. 目前我要多讨论那个问题。 
591.I don’t know the answer, but let me ask Mr. Chen to comment on that.
592.I’ll check into it and get back to you. 我查对一下然后送还给你。
593.I don’t have the figures, but I’ll find out. 我没有这个数据,但我会找到的。
594.That’s not my area, but I’ll get an answer for you. 那不是我的范围,但我会为你找出答案。
595.Let’s ask Mr. Jiang to answer that. 那件事我让蒋先生来答复。
596.Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It’s very satisfying to see so many of you here.
597.Today, I’d like to show you something which I’m sure you’ll find interesting.
598.Over 5,000 hours of work went into this software, and today it’s my privilege to bring it to you. 这种软件的研制超过5000工作小时,今天我很荣辛地向你们展示它。
599.It’s an honor to be speaking to you today. 今天跟你们说话至感荣幸。
600.I’m Barnard and it’s my great honor to tell you about our new product.


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