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701.We know that you are leading exporters of coal and you can provide the quantity we need. 我们知道贵方是主要煤炭出口商,能满足我们的需求量。 
702.Please tell us the Article Number of the Product. 请您把商品货号告诉我们。
703.Could you give me an indication of the price? 您能提供一个参考价吗?
704.We look forward to your quotations for the arts and crafts which we are interested in.
705.Do you offer FOB or CIF? 你们报船上交货价还是到岸价?
706.Please quote us as soon as you receive our inquiry. 请接到我们的询价单后马上给我们报价。
707.Some of our customers have recently expressed interest in your woolen carpets and inquired about their quality and prices. 目前我们的一些客户对你们的纯毛地毯颇有兴趣,并询问其质量和价格。
708.We are thinking of placing an order for your Flying Pigeon Brand bicycles. We would be very grateful if you could make us an offer for 200 ones with details.
709.Please send us all the data concerning your Hero Brand fountain pens and ball pens, so we can introduce your products to our customers.
710.We think your Chunlan brand air conditioners will be selling well at this end and we are looking forward to receiving your samples soon.
711.Please send us your price list of quartz clocks. 请寄给我们贵方的石英钟价目单。 
712.We must make it clear from the very beginning that competitive quotations are acceptable. 必须一开始就讲清的是,有竞争力的报价可以接受。
713.The above inquiry was forwarded to you on Oct. 10, but we haven’t received your reply until now. Your early offer will be highly appreciated.
714.We are looking forward to your reply to our inquiry. 我们期待你方对我方的询盘做出答复。
715.We have confidence in your bamboo wares. 我们对贵方的竹制品质量充满信心。
716.If you don’t have the quality inquired for, please offer us its nearest equivalent.
717.Thank you for your inquiry. Please tell us the quantity you require so that we can work out the offers. 感谢贵方询价。请告诉我们贵方所需数量以便我方报价。
718.I don’t think price is a problem. The most important thing is that how many you can supply. 我认为价格不成问题。最重要的是你方能供货多少。
719.You’d better give us a rough idea of your price. 您最好给我们一个粗略的价格。
720.We are delighted with your products and are thinking of placing an order. The size of our order will depend greatly on your price. 我们对你方的产品非常满意,正欲订购。我们定单的大小主要取决于你方的价格。
721.If your prices are more favorable than those of your competitors we shall send you our order. 如果你方价格比其他竞争对手的优惠,我们将向你们订货。 
722.Would you please tell us the price of these electric heaters so as to help us make the decision. 能否告知这些电热器的价格,以便我们作出决定。
723.Please inform us the quantity that can be supplied from stock. 请告知可供现货的数量。
724.We are anxious to know how long it will take you to deliver the goods. 我们急于知道贵方多长时间能交货。 
725.We trust that you will quote us your most favorable price for big quantities.
726.We trust you can meet our requirements. 相信贵方能满足我们的要求。
727.We hope this will be a good start for profitable business relations and assure you that your offer will receive our careful consideration.
728.We usually deal on a 20% trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount for orders over 1000 units. 我们通常给予20%的商业折扣,外加订货1000件以上的数量折扣。
729.We would also like to point out that we mainly settle our accounts on a document.-against-acceptance basis. 我们还想指出我们主要以承兑交单方式结帐。
730.We would appreciate it if you let us know whether you allow cash or trade discounts.
731.We intend to place large regular orders, and would therefore like to know what quantity discounts you allow. 我方将定期大量订购,因此想知道你方给多少数量折扣。 
732.Provided you can offer favorable quotations and guarantee delivery within four weeks from receipt of order, we will place regular orders with you.
733.We would like to point out that delivery before Christmas is essential and hope you can offer us that guarantee. 我们想指出圣诞节前交货很重要并希望贵方能就此向我们作出保证。
734.Prompt delivery would be necessary as we have a fast turnover in this trade. We would therefore need your assurance that you could meet all delivery dates.
735.We are delighted to know that you deal with export of Chinese chinaware. Could you supply us 300 sets of tableware for shipment before the end of May?
736.We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.
737.Please quote us your price on FOB basis, indicating the postage for dispatch by parcel post to Dalian via Tianjin. 请报FOB价,注明邮寄包裹途经青岛至大连的邮资。
738.Could you please let us know what discount you can give for an order exceeding 400 sets? 能否告知定货超过400台你方所能给的折扣。
739.Since we are likely to place sizable orders regularly we hope that you will make some special concessions. 由于我方将定期大批量订购,希望贵方作出一些特殊的让步。
740.We do business on a commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier for us to promote sales. Even 2 or 3 percent would help.
741.I understand all your prices are on CIF basis. We’d rather have you quote us FOB prices. 得知你方报的都是到岸价,希望能给我们报船上交货价。 
742.Would you please give us a rough idea of the quantity you require? 请告知你方大概要订多少?
743.We handle export of microwave ovens and would take the liberty to send you our price list for your reference. 我们经营微波炉出口业务,现冒昧给你方寄去我方报价单供参考。
744.We were pleased to hear from your letter of 6 August that you were impressed with our selection of toys.我们很高兴收到你方8月6日来函得知你方对我们的玩具非常感兴趣。
745.We have a wide selection of sweaters that will appeal to all ages, and in particular the teenager market which you specified.
746.Our factory would have no problem in turning out the 2000 units you asked for in your inquiry. 我们工厂完全可以生产出你方询价单中要求的2000件货品。
747.We can supply from stock and will have no trouble in meeting your delivery date.
748.I am pleased to say that we will be able to deliver the transport facilities you require.
749.We can offer door-to-door delivery services. 我们可提供送货上门服务。
750.We can assure you that our products are the most outstanding ones on the market today, and we offer a five-year guarantee. 我们可以向您保证我方产品是当今市场上最好的,并且可提供5年保修期。
751.Please find enclosed our current catalogue and price-list quoting CIF New York.
752.The samples you asked for will follow by separate post. 贵方所要样品另行邮寄。
753.Our stock of this commodity is limited, please place your order without delay.
754.Here is a price list together with a booklet illustrating our products. 这儿有一份价目单和介绍说明我方产品的小册子。
755.All our garments are now poly-cotton, which is stronger, needs little ironing, and allows variations in patterns.
756.We hope to hear from you soon and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly. 希望尽快收到贵方答复,我们保证及时处理对方定单。
757.I hope we can conclude the transaction at this price. 希望我们能就此价格达成交易。
758.I am sorry that we are unable to make you an offer for the time being. 很抱歉目前我们不能报盘。
759.Thank you for your inquiry, but we cannot make you an offer right now because we are presently unable to obtain appropriate materials.
760.Since Tom Lee is our sole agent for our products in Korea, we can’t make you a direct offer. 因为汤姆·李是我方产品在韩国的独家代理人,所以我们不能直接向您发盘。
761.The goods we offered last week are running out, therefore, the offer terminates on 20th July. 上周我们报价的货物现已售完,所以,此报价在7月20日终止。 
762.We no longer manufacture pure cotton shirts as their retail prices tend only to attract that upper end of the market. 我方已不再生产纯棉衬衫因为其零售价格只能吸引高档消费者。
763.Referring to your inquiry letter dated 29th September, we are offering you the following subject to our final confirmation.
764.At your request, we are offering you the following items. This offer will remain open within 3 days. 应你方要求,我方就如下产品报价,此报价3日内有效。
765.Against your enquiry, we are pleased to make you a special offer as follows and hope to receive your trial order in the near future.
766.This is our official offer for each item, CIF Shanghai. 这是我方对每项产品的CIF上海的正式报价。
767.This offer is firm subject to your acceptance reaching us not later than December 15.
768.This offer remains open until 10th February, beyond which date the terms and prices should be negotiated anew. 此盘有效期至2月10日,超过此期限条件及价格需重新协商。
769.This price is subject to change without notice. 此价格可以不经通知自行调整。
770.The offer isn’t subject to prior sale. 本报盘以货物未售出为条件。
771.We are cabling you our new price for our “AIWA” Brand Walkman. The new price will be effective tomorrow. 现电传给贵方我方爱华牌随身听的新价格。新价格明天生效。 
772.This offer must be withdrawn if we haven’t received your reply within five days.
773.As requested, we now hold this offer open for a further 5 days since 24th April.
774.As this is a special offer, we hope you won’t miss this opportunity. 因这是特殊报价,希望您不要错失良机。
775.Please note that all our prices are quoted on CIF basis. This is our general practice, which we believe will be accepted by you. 请注意我方所报的都是CIF 价,这是我方一贯作法,希望你方能接受。
776.The offer is made without engagement. All orders will be subject to our written acceptance. 此报盘没有约束力,所有定单以我方书面接受为准。
777.From all listed prices we allow a discount of 10 percent on orders received on or before 31st May. 5月31日或此前收到的订单,我们都按价目单上的价格给10%的折扣。
778.We can quote you a gross price, inclusive of delivery charges, of 38.50 pounds per 100 items. These goods are exempt form VAT. 我们可以给你方报毛价,每一百件38.5英镑含运费。这些货物免收增值税。
779.We can offer you a price of 8 pounds per item, from 20 days, after which the price will be subject to an increase of 5%. 我们给您报价每件8英镑,有效期20天,过期价格增加5%。
780.The price of this model of cassette-player is 2500 Belgian francs at today’s rate of exchange. 这个型号的录音机,按今天汇率,每台2500比利时法郎。
781.I think your price is on the high side. 我认为贵方价格偏高。 
782.Your price is 20% higher than that of last year. 你方价格比去年高出20%。
783.It must be rather difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price. 如果我们按这个价格购买,将很能难推销。
784.Competition for this kind of goods is tough. 这种商品的竞争非常激烈。
785.We can’t persuade the end-users to buy your products at this price. 按这个价格,我们不能说服用户购买你们的产品。
786.To conclude the business, you need to cut your price at least by 4%,I believe.
787.The German quotation is lower than yours. 德国报价比你们的低。
788.You know that some countries are selling this kind of products at cheap prices in large quantities. 您知道有的国家对这种商品正在削价抛售。
789.I’d like to point out that your original price exceeded the market price already. We cannot accept it. 我想指出提你方原始价格已经超出市场价格。我们不能接受。
790.If you do have the sincerity to do business with us, please show me your cards and put them on the table. 如果您确有诚意与我们做生意,请摊牌吧。
791.If your price is unacceptable, our end-users will turn to other suppliers.
792.If you insist on your original price, I’m afraid you will have little chance to get the business. 如果您坚持原来的价格,恐怕您获得这笔交易的可能性极小。
793.Other suppliers have almost identical goods at the price 10% to 14% cheaper.
794.The market is declining, we recommend your immediate acceptance. 市场在萎缩,我们建议你方马上接受。
795.I’m glad that we’ve settled the price. 很高兴我们就价格达成了共识。
796.I appreciate your efforts and cooperation and hope that this will be the forerunner of other transactions in future. 非常感谢贵方的努力与合作,希望这只是我们今后业务往来的开端。
797.What’s your counter-offer? 您的还价是多少?
798.It’s impossible. You may notice that the cost of raw materials has gone up in recent years. 不可能,您可能注意到了近年来原材料的价格上涨了。
799.Compared with the price in the international market, our quotation is quite reasonable.
800.The price we offered is more favorable than the quotations you can get from our competitors, I’m afraid. 恐怕我方报价比您从我方竞争对手那儿得到的报价更优惠。 


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