出国在外,平平安安是最好的,但难免会遇到紧急情况,所以出国之前,我们都要考虑周全。Master Osifu English为大家准备了一些紧急情况用语,以备不时之需。Master Osifu English希望大家平安顺利!

我丢了我的信用卡。I lost my credit card.

我的钱包被偷了。My purse was stolen.
我把钱包忘在出租车上了。I left my bag in the taxi.
当我离开的时候发现我的首饰不见了。My pendant was stolen while I was away from my room.
我的钱包叫扒手偷了。My wallet was taken by a pickpocket.
你看见这有个包吗?Did you see a bag here?
我应该告诉谁?Whom should I inform?
失物招领处在哪?Where is the lost-and-found?
警察局在哪?Where is the police station?
我把包放在这了,但是我回来就不见了。I left my bag here but it was gone when I came back.
你能帮我找一下吗?Could you help me to find it?
什么样的包?What kind of bag?
黑色的包,有名字标签。A black bag. It has a name tag.
什么东西在里面?What’s in it?
我的多余的衣物和市区地图。My extra cloth and a city map.
如果我们找到了会给你打电话。We’ll call you if we find it.
能把表填一下吗?Could you fill out this form?
请写下联系地址。Please write down your contact address here!
你在这要呆多久?How long will you stay here?

什么时候我能知道结果?When can you let me know the result?
我上哪去得到它?Where should I come to get it?
我的护照丢了。I’ve lost my passport.
中国大使馆在哪?Where is Chinese Embassy?
能找个中文员工给我吗?Could you call for a Chinese speaking staff?
我的旅行支票丢了。I’ve lost my traveler’s checks.
能重新发行一下吗?Can I have them reissued?
这是购买协定。Here is the purchase agreement.
这是我的支票记录。Here is my record of the checks.
重新发行需要多久?How long does it take to have them reissued?
可以给我这次事故的证明书吗?May I have a certificate of the accident, please?
能给我这起偷盗事件的证明吗?Could you make out a certificate of the theft?
我丢了钱包和信用卡。I’ve lost my purse with my credit card.
可以把我的卡号取消吗?Could you please cancel my card number?

和我在一起!Come with me!
打开!Open up!
停!Stop it!
从这出去!Get out of here!
叫警察!Call the police!
强盗!A robber!
发生了一起交通事故。An accident has happened.
在91号线路。It’s on route 91.
你能打电话给R 公司吗?Could you call the R company?
能带我去医院吗?Could you take me to a hospital?
请快点!Please hurry!
我被车撞了。I was hit by a car.
我不记得发生什么了。I don’t remember what happened.
请给我急救。Please give me first aid.
我是A型血。My blood type is A.
我这疼。I have a pain here.

我晕。I feel dizzy.
我恶心。I fell sick.
我扭了脚踝。I sprained my ankle.
我怎么了?What is wrong with me?
多长时间能好?How long does it take to get well?
我感觉好多了。I feel much better.
我感觉不好。I don’t feel better.
我能继续我的旅行吗?Can I continue my trip?
我胃痛,我想吃些药。I have a stomachache. May I have some medicine?
请叫医生。Please call a doctor!
这附近有医院吗?Is there a hospital near here?
能带我去医院吗?Could you take me to a hospital, please?
有会说中文的医生吗?Is there a doctor who speaks Chinese?
我能做预约吗?Can I make an appointment?

我发烧。I have a fever.
我很冷。I feel chilly.
我全身无力。I feel languid.
我没有胃口。I have a poor appetite.
我痢疾。I have a diarrhea.
我感冒。了I caught a cold.
我嗓子疼。I have a sore throat.
我呼吸困难。I have difficulty breathing.
我恶心。I feel nauseous.
我不停的吐。I’ve been vomiting.
我每十分钟去遍厕所。I go to the toilet every 10 minutes.
我睡眠不好。I can’t sleep well.
我朋友伤的很重。My friend is seriously injured.
他大量流血。He is bleeding heavily.
他神志不清。He is unconscious.
我得了敏感症。I have allergies.
我得呆在床上多久?How long do I have to stay in bed?
多长时间才能好转?How long does it take to get well?
我还得呆在医院吗?Do I have to stay in the hospital?
我能继续我的旅行吗?Can I continue my trip?
我应该吃些什么?What should I eat?

我感觉好点了。I feel a little better.
我能要个医院证明吗?Can I have a medical certificate?
你可以在这表上签名吗?May I have your signature on this form?
别动! Don’t move!
伤在哪了?Where does it hurt?
是什么样的疼痛?What kind of pain is it?
是迟钝(急剧/抽动/固定)的疼。It’s a dull (sharp/throbbing/constant) pain.
这样做多久有感觉?How long have you been feeling as you do now?
是第一次吗?Have you had this for the first time?
我要量一下血压(体温)。I’ll check your blood pressure (temperature).
卷起你的袖子。Roll up your sleeve, please!
深呼吸。Inhale deeply!
咳嗽。Cough, please!
伤在哪了?Where does it hurt?
把衣服脱到腰处。Take off the clothing to the waist!
请躺下!Please lie down there!
张开嘴!Open your mouth!

你正在接受什么样的治疗?What kind of treatment are you receiving?
你用什么药物?What medicine are you using?
你的常规剂量?What is your regular dose?
是注射还是口服?Is it an injection or oral?
我要检查你的血液(大便/尿样)。I’ll examine your blood (stool/urine).
我想你该接受X光检查。I want you to have an X-ray taken.
你消化不良。You’ve got indigestion.
被感染了。It’s infected.
我要给你注射。I’ll give you an injection.
你要在床上呆2天。You need to stay in bed for 2 days.
我们要一个绷带。We’ll have to apply a bandage.
你要看专家。You need to see a specialist.
你要去医院做常规检查。You should go to the hospital for a general checkup.
你要做手术。You need to have an operation.
你要立刻就医。You should be hospitalized immediately.

请不要再吸烟饮酒!Please stop smoking and drinking!
请避免接受任何刺激!Please refrain from taking any stimulants.
我要你两天后回来。I want you to come back in two days.
你最好回中国。You’d better return home to China.
你能给我开药方吗?Can you give me a prescription?
拿着这个药方去药房买药。Take this prescription to a pharmacy and buy medicine!
我一天要吃几次?How many times a day should I take it?
每天3次饭前服用。Take it three times a day before meals!
每次两茶勺。Take 2 teaspoons of this medicine!
用水服用一片。Take one pill with a glass of water!
你感冒(头疼/胃疼/牙疼)?Do you have anything for a cold (headache/stomachache/toothache)?
我们有阿司匹林。We have aspirin.
怎么吃啊?How should I take this?
你要每天3次,饭后服用。You should take it three times a day after meals.
请开药方!Please fill this prescription!
我没有药方。I don’t have a prescription.
对不起,没有药方我们不卖任何东西。I’m sorry. We can’t sell anything without a prescription.
学会紧急用语,是为了防患于未然。Master Osifu English时刻祝福大家!








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