The Taoist in Mount Lao

Master Osifu Fable 寓言:The Taoist in Mount Lao

Master Osifu Fable 寓言:The Taoist in Mount Lao

A long time ago, there was a young man called Wang Qi. When he heard that there were many immortals in Mount Lao, he went there at once.



There was a Daoist who still looked young although he was very old. Wang Qi became one his pupils. During the first month, Wang Qi went to the hills for woods with others every day and listened to the instructions of his teacher patiently. In the second month, he felt that he could not stand the hard and tiring life, but he still waited for the teacher to teach him the magical skills. In the third month, he could not bear the suffering any longer. He went to see his teacher and said, ” I’ve been working hard for so many days. Now would you please teach me some skills, or it’ll be a waste of time for me to be here.”



“What do you want to learn?”





“Then I’ll teach you how to go through a wall.” Then the Daoist told Wang Qi the incantations. After reciting the incantations of the magic, Wang Qi made it. With great pleasure, Wang Qi said goodbye to his teacher and went back home.



Back at home, he told his family and neighbors that he had met with an immortal and learned how to go through a wall magically, but no one believed in him. So Wang Qi recited the incantations and ran towards a wall to prove his point. However, his head hit wall with a “Bang”, and he was knocked heavily. His wife helped him to his feet and found that there was a large bump on his forehead.



The story means that, speculation and claptrap will only lead to failure.


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